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The path usually leads via comparison portals to online loans. In such a portal, the cheapest providers for your desired loan are usually listed in the order of the effective interest rates. No matter how much you know about the internet or how to use a computer, it’s easy to make an online loan request. Through the application process in the loan calculator, a loan condition request is made to the banks. To process your request, please enter the required information on our website.

Online loan application

Online loan application

The way to online loans is usually via a comparison portal. In such an Internet portal, the cheapest lenders for your desired loan are listed in the order of the effective interest rates. At the top are the providers with the lowest effective interest rates. It is not yet an online loan request. The interest rate mentioned here applies only in “typical” cases.

Prerequisite for this is often a perfect creditworthiness. This is determined according to your respective customer creditworthiness and can clearly deviate from the interest indicated in the list. If you want to know what conditions apply in your case, you must submit an online loan application. They are triggered when you have selected a specific provider and provide your personal details for advice.

These are the details that lenders give for “calculating” your creditworthiness.

These are the details that lenders give for "calculating" your creditworthiness.

Then, a conditional query is launched with the providers you specify, tailored to your specific use case. With good creditworthiness, you will receive a confirmation (subject to change) or an online loan offer.

At the same time, an application means the submission of an offer, which you can accept or reject. The procedure is no different when you submit an online loan request to a lender. It is important that the house bank notifies your online loan request to cumod. There are basically two options for this: the report as a request for conditions or as a “real” loan application.

Entries for condition requests can not be viewed by other institutions and have no influence on your creditworthiness. By contrast, reported “genuine” loan applications are visible to other banks for ten days and may affect your creditworthiness if many applications are submitted in the shortest possible time. For credit queries via a comparison portal, almost only one condition query is reported.

From a “creation-neutral” credit information is then spoken. As a rule, this is also the case with online loan inquiries at a house bank. A “true” credit application will only be displayed if you have submitted an application in writing and your data has also been verified by documents (bank statements, payslips).